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Who can apply
Applications must be made by an organisation, for example a choral society, orchestra, ensemble, opera group, based in any of the four unitary authorities in the Bristol region. We recognise that some performances may involve a small number of invited soloists or a conductor from outside the region. Please note: We do not accept applications from individuals.

How to apply
Please download one of these Application Forms:

form for users of Excel versions from 2004 onwards
form for users of Excel 1997 - 2003

The form should be completed giving as much detail as possible, and returned to the Secretary ( together with an application letter and a copy of the most recent audited accounts. We recognise that some costings will inevitably be estimates. If additional help is required, our secretary will be pleased to assist.

When to apply
The Charity meets 4 times a year, usually on the third Thursday of January, March, June and September. Applications should reach us at least by the end of the previous month, preferably well before.

Hearing back from us Whether or not an application is successful, our Secretary will be in touch by the end of the week following the relevant trustees’ meeting.

Successful Applications

If successful, a report must be sent within 6 weeks after the event, together with the specific accounts, to our Treasurer at If this is likely to be longer than 6 weeks, itís important to keep our Treasurer informed. If the loss is less than the amount we offered, we will provide the balance. If the loss is as predicted, we will provide what was originally agreed. If we have not heard from you 3 months after the event, the grant offer will lapse and the funds will be reallocated.

If successful, we will pay the amount offered within 2 weeks of our confirmation letter. If the application is on behalf of a school or college, details of the specific project bank account are required, distinct from the applying organisation’s general account.

In the event report, and in addition to the accounts, we would like feedback about how many people attended, audience comments that may have been received, reasons for success or disappointment, how future performances may change as a result and any other relevant points considered appropriate. In the case of music projects, we would like feedback about the impact the project may have had on the participants as well as how many benefited from it.

How often can you apply?
Only one performance may be supported per calendar year.

The number of projects which can be supported by us is, of necessity, limited to the funds available for distribution in any year. Even if an ideal application has been made and fits within all the Charityís criteria and priorities, we may still be unable to provide support. The Trustees have absolute discretion as to the making of grants.

All Further Information
Please contact our Secretary, Nigel Nash, at

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