Paragon Music Trust
Paragon Music Trust


The following sample demonstrates one way of setting out a budget for application purposes. It contains the minimum amount of information which is needed by the Trustees in order to enable them to reach a decision.

Concert title/programme

Organisation/details of performers


Date(s) of performance(s)

Orchestral fees £2,300
Conductor's fee £600
Soloists fees £800
Music hire £300
Hire of venue £700
Programme costs £220
Promotion £100
Box Office commission £650
PRS £50
Total expenses £5,720
Ticket sales £3,000
Programmes: Sales £200
Advertising £230
Sponsorship income         £300
Total income £3,730
Profit/Loss -£1,990

Your budget should be accompanied by a letter giving a brief description of your Society/Group and details of the concert programme or production and those involved (e.g. orchestra, if used to accompany a choral concert, soloists) and any other relevant information.

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