Paragon Music Trust
Paragon Music Trust


1. The Paragon Trustees provide financial help in two ways: by Guarantee Against Loss up to a specific amount and, occasionally, by making a Grant.

2. Whilst normally we operate by offering a Guarantee Against Loss in respect of a specific concert or event, from time to time we make grants, for example, towards the purchase of an instrument for a school (not for an individual performer) or bursaries for young musicians who would otherwise be excluded from, say, a workshop or choir tour.

3. The Trustees meet four times a year: January, March, May and September. Applications should be made well in advance of the date of concerts/events and no later than the end of the month prior to our meeting. So far as Guarantees Against Loss are concerned, we need to be provided with a budget for a particular event showing the estimated expenditure and income and any expected shortfall. Some costs and revenues may be uncertain at the time of your application but estimates should be as accurate as possible.


a) The terms of the Trust emphasise support for performances in our area. We interpret this condition flexibly to allow for soloists and the instrumental requirements of a particular performance, but preference will be given to events involving local instrumentalists and singers.

b) We recognise that many events incur marketing and advertising costs and these costs should be included in your budget.

c) Applications for school and educational events are particularly welcome. We know that budgets for these activities may be difficult to present in the usual way. In such cases we would need a letter giving us as much detail as possible of the project/event, including projected costs. If you are in any doubt about how to present your application, please contact our Secretary. If you are to receive funds our Treasurer will require your organisation's bank details.

d) If you are applying on behalf of a school or college, you should have a bank account specifically for the event and distinct from your establishment's general account.

Applications should be sent to:

Mrs Naomi Sager
Secretary, Paragon Music Trust
Tel: 01934 876892
Registered Charity No. 280203